Geopolitical Analysis

We help our clients to understand important regional and global geopolitical trends; and provide them with valuable tailor-made information that allows to make better strategic decisions.


Open-Source Intelligence

We provide highly valuable analytical information gathered by means of open-source intelligence, publicly available database and information obtained from various unclassified sources.

Security Analysis

We assist in understanding national, regional and global security challenges by providing valuable information and analysis on threats, risks, opportunities and perspectives.


Military Assessment

We analyze capacities, powers, strengths and weaknesses of confronting parties, as well as report on past, ongoing and future expected or planned regional or global military developments.

Energy Analysis

We help our clients and their teams to understand in details all the risks and opportunities, which current or potential regional or global energy projects may cause or cost.


Strategic Routes

We research and analyse various regional and global strategic trade and logistic routes and their impacts on businesses and governments, as well as costs, effects, risks and opportunities.


Strategic Forecasting

We forecast regional and global political, economic, social and environmental developments, which may have direct or indirect but vital impacts on our clients' current or future plans and interests.

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